Block Cell Cell Phone Radiation

Block mobile mobile phone radiation and you will decrease and most likely eliminate what is viewed by several like a really true, palpable threat to you overall health. Cells emit radio frequency strength which has been shown in laboratory checks to be damaging to animals. Though numerous declare which the jury continues to be out on its outcomes on human beings, it would be unwise to wait until finally verifiable check effects on residing topics show a clear consensus that certainly, human cells are harmed by this kind of radiation also. A little forethought and avoidance is often much better when compared to the overcome.

Mobile devices emit radiation mainly because they operate as transmitters. Like all transmitters, they develop radiation, and also the intensity in the radiation is in immediate proportion towards the block cell phone and the way shut the cellphone is held in your ear. To block cellphone radiation you must create a buffer between the ear piece and your ear. A variety of resources exist which permit you to do that. One this kind of merchandise is ferrite, a magnetic bead that prevents radio waves from touring from the telephones and in the head. Ferrite has had its use inside the laptop or computer business to inhibit info interference, otherwise identified as sounds. In a couple of pennies for every bead, ferrite beads are a wonderful and price helpful method to dam mobile phone radiation. Other so-called radiation shields exist likewise, crafted from different elements such as ceramic, which also function to block cell mobile phone radiation.

The proximity from the mobile towards your head establishes the quantity of radiation you soak up. Estimates range from 20% to 60%, based on how shut you maintain the receiver for your head. Despite the fact that the talk rages on with regards to the health dangers posed by cell mobile phone radiation (some research have advised a possible hyperlink to mind cancers or tumors), frequent perception dictates that the fewer you expose on your own to avoidable radiation, the better. For that reason you’ll want to avail on your own of your range of products which are offered that may allow you to guide a more healthy life by studying the best way to successfully block mobile telephone radiation.

Have A Small Surety Fee

Surety bonding and reduced prices

A lot of brokers are telling you that it is tricky to look for a surety that should publish a surety bond in a very low price. This is often basically Wrong. Surety What is a surety bond? corporations have raised their prices to get a number of merchandise, although the majority of surety bonds you still can attain a lower rate.

The situation that you’re dealing with is determined bond brokers adding service fees to the bond to generate up for misplaced revenue. Let us not confuse this with customers that no longer qualify for usual surety prices.

So how are you going to however obtain a low amount in case you qualify? The simple answer is shop your level, the same as you’ll shop for motor vehicle insurance coverage or a home bank loan.

Ways to on how to get yourself a reduced amount

Question your surety agent when they insert a fee for their expert services and if so exactly how much. Numerous brokers could have a set cost of $100 or perhaps a 2% surcharge in addition to the quality while some may possibly cost nothing at all.

Pull your credit just before you use with the bond and that means you know what you’re up in opposition to. Simply call a couple of surety brokers in advance of sending a software and have their premiums. Question with regards to their underwriting suggestions provide them with your credit rating rating. The underwriter goes to wish to know your net worth much too so be sure you understand what your internet well worth is.

This could be ample info to acquire a selection of rates. Have in mind that you just perhaps instructed the next figure then what you seriously is going to be having to pay. As a way to get a official level you will should submit a application. Also ask the broker what their turnaround time is for issuing a bond.
I hope this can help you receive right into a cost-effective rate.

Unique Varieties of Plumbing Methods

Each particular person dwelling and business establishment encounters unique problems with their plumbing. Plumbers occur for his or her rescue and handle their troubles unclogging the pipes, placing in new pipes and examining for leaks to call some. Plumbing consists of distinct forms of alternatives for every plumbing requirement Lasiter and Lasiter Plumbing.

Definition of Plumbing

Plumbing refers to the dispensation of protected ingesting ingesting drinking water, acceptable disposal of wastes spread by water and for heating and washing within the exact same time via the set up of a quantity of types of drains, pipes, fixtures, valves and fittings.

It absolutely was derived with all the Latin phrase “plumbum” indicating direct, given that the primary pipes utilized have been guide pipes all by means of the Roman Empire.

Household Plumbing Methods

Residential plumbing methods include substitution of pipes that cracked or burst thanks to its age or as a result of all-natural disasters, drain blockage, faulty sewer traces and minimized worry of drinking water in taps. It discount rates with distinctive household plumbing program: interior h2o resource procedure, exterior household plumbing, gasoline plumbing and drain, sewage and vent plan.

• Within Drinking h2o Offer Procedure: This sort of course of action pertains towards the supply of drinking drinking water to tubs, showers, sinks and bathrooms. The course of action receives h2o both from non-public wells or municipal h2o offer or every single. Particular incredibly well assists make utilization of items that pumps and pressurizes to draw in h2o although h2o from municipal supplies, pumping and pressurization are coated by a utility organization. Usually utilized supplies include cross-linked polyethylene or PEX, copper pipes and in addition other plastic pipes that conform to the community or usual code.

• Exterior Household Plumbing: It’s got two versions which could be drainage process and landscape irrigation system. Exterior drainage approach involves drainage pipes which can be placed underground with the avoidance of flood and personal injury to quite a few constructions. What is much more, it characteristics gutters which give for your gateway for rain or storm h2o that pours down the roof. Landscape irrigation approach works by using plastic pipes for furnishing h2o to sprinklers.

• Gasoline Plumbing: Plumbing not basically gives with waterworks but furthermore with every one of the installation of pipes for gasoline gasoline provides by way of example propane and all-natural gas. Black iron pipes are commonly employed in each individual particular person domestic and several other institutions including lodges and destinations to try to eat.

• Drain, Squander and Vent Technique: This plumbing software is definitely the method of eradicating greywater from your dwelling and would make it possible for this wastewater to go drain lines advertising and marketing acceptable and risk-free drainage. Drain pipes utilised are commonly created from cast-iron or plastic drain pipes or Abdominal muscles. This kind of system prevents squander ingesting drinking water and sewage from shifting into septic and sewer procedures of personal and municipal.

Company Plumbing Businesses

Industrial plumbing products and services savings with possessing rid of things that block the drainage which contain garbage, foodstuff wastes and maybe clumps of hair. From time to time roots of trees, fungi and mold-build up prohibit modern and appropriate drainage. What plumbers will do is frequently to decrease out tree roots and eradicate these persons items which induce blockage due to the use of hydro jetting procedure which happens to be remarkably pressurized, plumbing snakes (not the reptile!) and rooter equipment.

The Way To Eliminate Pet Stains Off Your Carpet?

If you really are a pet owner Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning, you must be capable of comprehension that it’s rather disturbing to handle carpet places and stains. To take care of the fragrance of your residence and preserve it dirt cost-free, it really is necessary to eliminate stains and cleanse adequately. Nevertheless it is vital to coach the animals at your home likewise. Under are a few procedures which could aid you from the prosperous cleansing of carpets:

Ahead of you commence while using the complete course of action, you happen to be demanded to blot the stain out. The most effective technique will be to completely drain off the spots through the use of a dry rag to absorb the urine, which may be thrown absent afterwards. For that reason, the cleansing on the location would be the only detail remaining to complete. Subsequent, clean up the area using the assist of chilly h2o. You should try this previous to the application of any cleansing agent. With the assistance of a obvious paper serviette, suck the liquid wholly from the carpet, then throw it absent afterwards. It is actually a necessity to have on rubber gloves before the graduation of your location getting rid of method, as it will stay away from you catching any an infection that your pet may have.

The strategy of withdrawal is considered the most successful technique for getting rid of latest also as outdated and settled in stains. This tends to be completed by forcing the refreshing water in and filthy h2o away from the carpet. You may thoroughly clean quickly by utilizing machinery for the extraction. This activity may also be carried out by a soaked cleaner vacuum. According to the institute of rugs and carpets, the steam cleaner really should be avoided for that stain removing, as launch of heat may end result in generating the stain long lasting on account of the protein in pet discharge.

For getting rid of the poor odor of pet stains, a deactivating enzyme can be employed to deal with these places. Once the cleaning approach is above, be certain that you choose to dry the carpet properly making sure that the odor brought about because of moisture is usually prevented. It is possible to dry out the carpet with the assist of sunlight or utilizing a dryer vacuum. You need to employ an experienced cleaner to complete the job with your behalf should you will not be capable of getting rid of these spots of your carpet. What’s more, make an effort to train the pets at your home to be able to prevent these mishaps in coming long run, mainly because it is tiring to scrub a stained carpet on a regular basis.

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Getting Started Within The Self-storage Marketplace

The storage field, as with all enterprise, was born from the want. People have always had “stuff” and as well as that stuff will come a necessity for house to shop the stuff. Some historical evidence details to general public storage facilities getting obtainable in Historic China. Considering that that time people’s will need for safe storage has multiplied exponentially. The fashionable storage facility which is prevalent currently took place inside the late 1950’s in Florida. The popularity of self-storage units has grown yearly considering the fact that. The storage desire peaked while in the 1990’s when it outpaced offer main to the hurry to build new services over the US. In 2009 The new York Instances described (“The Self-Storage Self “)that from your a long time 2000 to 2005 about a few thousand new storage services were constructed yearly. Storage proceeds to become in big demand. The Self Storage Association (SSA) reported which the overall sq. footage made available from self storage firms within the US is 2.three billion. The overall sq. footage is very well over a few moments the dimensions of Manhattan! Just one in 10 US homes currently rent cupboard space.

Examining all of those statistics may lead you to definitely be interested in acquiring your self a chunk of the self storage pie. So, exactly what does it get and which are the benefits?

To obtain began from the storage market you have to study and find a compatible website. Location is key to some self storage business’ achievement. Though searching for the best spot it is crucial to contemplate price, property taxes, and zoning restrictions. For those who choose on buying an present storage facility you should definitely do your research over the property. A lot of self-storage services have already been designed in the past ten years had been acquired by business owners or land proprietors with use of large parcels of land. These services might not be the very best investment since these are typically from extremely populated regions of a town proscribing the amount of opportunity clientele. Making a proper facility in an effortlessly accessible locale can help enchantment for the marketplace and give you a greater return on investment. You can be expecting a 6.75 return on investment from the initially 12 months.

Starting up a self storage business does take a appreciable amount of first expense. Funding is accessible from some nationwide creditors. Numerous from the company advise making contact with Wells Fargo’s Self-Storage Division. Wells Fargo delivers plans for self-storage enterprises. A single software is termed the mini-perm which provides two years of interest-only as you happen to be starting out along with the task and then a few a long time of amortization that progresses when you fulfill specified credit card debt protection plans. Actually that is one of the ideal loans out there. Employing a mini-perm financial loan is sensible simply because it may choose you under a 12 months to finish development on the task, but it could acquire numerous years to fill the models and finding a mortgage soon after your development period of time would come to be particularly tough.

After your storage facility in prepared, financed and filling models it is possible to contemplate including with a complimentary organization that can help increase visitors to the positioning and revenue. Auto washes are wonderful enterprises to share a spot with simply because they create in a constant provide of clientele to the door. A different complimentary business enterprise is often a pack and ship. Some people use storage models for products they are hoping to sell and if you will find there’s business onsite which can pack and ship their goods for them, many of the superior. Having that idea towards the next stage, chances are you’ll desire to search into partnering by having an auctioning house or E-bay expert that will assist your shoppers in marketing their goods or perhaps the objects which can be abandoned at your facility. The options are practically infinite. Use your imagination and an plan is sure to come back.

The self-storage sector is powerful and nonetheless escalating. While you will find there’s substantial level of competitors inside the marketplace it really is achievable to obtain your foot within the doorway and create a wholesome return with your investments.

Deliver Roses Low Cost

Sending roses cheaply might be in your advantage if you’re able to locate a florist for this intent. You might be now gaining a specific place while in the recipients’ hearts by sending roses; if you can ship them at much less expensive premiums, it can be an additional reward for you!

Numerous florists present inexpensive roses every now and then. If you’re able to pay for sending them at low cost charges only, then you definately may have to attend for these specific delivers and discounts. Generally, florists supply savings on ready-to-order products lists which were stagnant for some time. Many of them have specific gives on festivals also. In some cases, for anyone who is purchasing in bulk quantity, you’ll get a lower selling price. And sending roses by the dozen commonly turns out to generally be much less expensive. But for cheap roses, customization and selection can be minimal. Some location provide wild roses for a lot more affordable when compared to the hybrid assortment. And if you opt for any more compact size, the cost can be even decreased. However, you will probably not have the ability to send remarkable versions like organic and natural roses, embossed petals or concept roses in a reduce charge.

Florists, who may have branches everywhere in the region and globally, will probably be able to send the roses additional cheaply than one retailers. Often having to pay in hard cash at the spot could possibly get you a discount. But be incredibly careful when you find yourself spending less for just a service or product that usually is priced dearer. There may be some problem that’s not becoming disclosed to you. As a rule, these cheap promotions compromise on excellent and shipping and delivery. So decide up the roses provided that they are worth it. In any other case, in trying to conserve couple dollars, you might wind up with sagging, dry roses whenever you should be sending charming fresh-smelling roses.

Your Home Office – Designed To Work For You

Several years ago I was working out of my home in an office I’d designed for myself. With plenty of space, oversized countertops, and specific places for each piece of office furniture and equipment I use (I’m highly computer-dependent), I was productive and efficient without sacrificing closeness to my family. In terms of design, space utilization, and ergonomics, I’d thought of everything. Then two things changed my work setting in fundamental ways; a two-year old and a four-year old who delighted in knowing that Daddy was home all day luxury home office furniture.

But that wasn’t totally unexpected; I’d made provisions to increase the privacy of my office as the children grew. A little planning and a few rules about when the office was “off limits” kept the advantages of working at home intact.

Thirteen million Americans are currently running businesses out of their homes, according to the Kauffman Center For Entrepreneurial Leadership ( In all, forty-five million of us (35% of all U.S. households) work at least part-time out of home offices. Combine those figures with the Herman Miller Company’s ( projected 10 to 12% annual growth in the home office furnishings market and it is obvious that sooner or later, many of us will have to consider how to integrate this relatively new function into our existing or new homes.

There aren’t many hard and fast rules about home office design; our jobs and lives are unique and will influence each individual situation. But a few basic ideas apply almost universally, and will help to guide you towards making the best with your resources.

Locating The Home Office

Even a well-planned office space won’t work if it’s located poorly. If you see clients in your office frequently, and especially if you have small children at home, separate the office from the home spaces as much as possible. This might mean a completely independent office structure, or an existing room with an entrance designed for use by clients alone. If the office and home spaces are adjacent, proper sound insulation is a must.

Building a completely new office structure allows you the most design options, but forces the consideration of future use. Will you work at home forever? If not, what will become of that dedicated office? In my home, the old office is in “phase two” of its evolution, the kids’ “playroom”. In phase three it will be remodeled into a media room for the adults. Design your office to grow and change with you.

Remodeling an existing space into a home office requires you to look carefully at the use of adjacent spaces. Many clients will think it a faux pas if they hear the toilet flush upstairs during a meeting. Speaking of plumbing, will there be a nearby bathroom for client use? Will they have to wait for your son to get out of the shower to use it?

Piling Is Really A Variety Of Basis For Just A Making And Is Particularly A Very Popular Preference For Most Persons

Piling is really a kind of basis to get a setting up or framework and it truly is absolutely a well known option for several men and women method statement for sheet piling works. Normally piling is used to give more assistance to some developing and is particularly ordinarily a procedure that entails putting huge columns deep under the earth to be sure extra assistance and security. These columns then provide a whole ton extra help than standard foundations and so are a terrific technique to guarantee a establish is effective, regardless of whether it can be on uneven terrain. In case you are organizing a brand new develop, or in case you are basically creating an extension with your latest household, chances are you’ll want to think about this option for extra strength in your build.

Many people are not really aware of what’s offered on present-day sector while in the way of constructing possibilities. When you are scheduling a job and you simply have to have some help then it’s usually greatest to seek advice from the skilled builder right before you start. Most assignments will likely have an architect who will be able to suggest you on such things as this nonetheless it could be an notion to seek far more advice just to be certain. Once you have an advisor of kinds, it truly is then a good idea to begin having quotes for your function you require accomplishing.

As generally with any type of searching you will need to guarantee you have got every one of the points. You want to create absolutely sure that you’ll be clued up on what it can be you happen to be inquiring for in addition to about how a lot it’s going to expense. When you’re obtaining offers it is really always ideal to acquire more than a person. Three or four quotations is suitable to learn an average price. It is also fully typical to take your time and efforts – you will find no need to rush points. Make sure you are comfortable ahead of you even contemplate agreeing to anything; verbally or or else. It really is important that you are contented along with the estimate and timeframe just before you choose a builder. It may be a little of a nightmare finding a suited corporation to choose around the occupation. You’ll want to even be wary of everyone who says they can begin immediately. Most quality builders will likely be booked up for a minimum of a number of weeks, sometimes months.

It can be better to opt for someone who’s got a waiting listing since this proves that their operate is well worth the estimate they have got given you. If a person is able to begin get the job done for yourself straight away this might imply they can be new or that they’re worthless at their occupation. You will discover some points you can must contemplate but if you’re on the lookout for someone to conduct piling focus on your own home then you can must get your time and effort. You can find no rush because it is really constantly far better to get it correct and just take your time and effort rather then rush it and five minutes later on it is slipping aside. Total, piling get the job done is very common and you also shouldn’t have way too much problems discovering builders which are equipped to get this kind of job on. However, you should definitely do your analysis and be certain that you choose to determine what you might be asking for so which you can funds accordingly.

Pine Sideboard – Excellent Household Addition

Pine wood is one of quite possibly the most preferred products employed for earning furniture. They are a sort of soppy wooden. Wood furniture is offered in various styles, capabilities, sizes and styles. They can be the beneficial piece for many people. Pine sideboard one example is, is among the favourite wood furniture for numerous dwelling houses Apart from that, the sideboard also extensively utilized in a lot of areas like dining places, educational institutions and museums.

Pine sideboard is particularly built to retail outlet home items. They can be the crucial piece for bed room and kitchen. As bed room unit, they’re utilized to preserve dresses, napkins and towels. As eating area device, they are really utilized to retailer plates, individuals and spoons. The drawers and compartments from the furnishings aid to help keep your merchandise in fantastic affliction. In addition in addition they help to maintain your space appears arrange and tidy.

The sideboard will come with distinctive type and sample. On the other hand a lot of them are developed with basic and conventional design. They have got been crafted with lovely and aesthetic sculpture. The presence with the household furniture included additional price in your rooms. They make your home jump out from some others.

Pine sideboards are developed with roomy drawers and shelves. These are also feature pull out table extension. These exclusive features make the furnishings useful and handy. The sideboard provided further storage areas for that person. They are portable and simple to carry. They won’t choose many areas out of your rooms.

You will get this furniture by many channels. Several furniture stores provided this solution. However to have the top quality 1, you need to know them perfectly prior to you purchase. Home furnishings store is the perfect position for yourself to generate information and facts on this household furniture. Usually you can find it from on the internet furnishings outlets.

Evaluating Carpet Cleansing Equipment

Retaining your private home carpet clean and hygienic is one of your obligations in particular for those who have young youngsters at home It’s one thing you will need to not neglect no matter how rough it really is to treatment for the carpets. However, you will discover selections which will make it easier to lighten the issue of the undertaking. Getting a carpet cleansing machine on your house will warranty you a simpler time cleansing people carpets. With such a broad selection of cleaning equipment and equipments out there in existence, you will have to make a decision what type of cleaning you might be undertaking most of the time, likewise given that the budget you set for buying the equipment. When you are accomplishing additional of daily cleansing, a vacuum will be suitable as it is without doubt one of the a lot more reasonably priced resources. In terms of heavier and deeper cleaning, you’ll be able to possibly use specialist services or lease cleansing machines dependent on the budget. For those which have increased spending plan and bigger cupboard space at your home, you might even think about obtaining the expert cleansing device to save the difficulty of renting.

There are actually a lot of designs of carpet cleansing devices. Before you decide which one particular to get, it is best to look into the assorted varieties to obtain a much better notion of anything you seriously want for the house carpet. Vacuum cleaners would be the most popular and best way in terms of carpet cleaning. Mainly because it’s so popular, the prices of such equipments are reasonably priced. The 2 major models of a vacuum cleaner will be the normal upright along with the moveable canister. Upright vacuums go about the carpet efficiently to remove dust and dirt whilst the canister vacuums allow you to definitely vacuum other furniture such as your sofa or mattresses. For those who choose fundamental maintenance, vacuum cleaners might be the popular alternative.

A different equipment for carpet cleaning is understood because the carpet shampooers. They may be fairly related to hoover cleaners in addition to the tank which is hooked up to it. This tank consists of the shampoo remedy which can be designed for deep cleaning like removing stains or soiling. Carpet shampooer machines are sometimes used by industry experts or rental organizations and therefore are not likely being bought for house use as shampooing of carpets are certainly not constantly important. When your carpets are susceptible to spills and soiling, there are other products for property use readily available. One of these would be the steam carpet cleaning machine. This equipment is similar with the carpet shampooers except that they’re much cheaper in value. Steam cleaners use a liquid cleansing option blended with very hot drinking water and it’s changed into steam although over the carpet. Rotating brushes and an extractor can be found during the device. The brushes get rid of the dirty particles though the extractor is used for sucking up the filthy residue. Moreover, a steam cleaner will come by using a heater factor that’s demanded to dry the carpet once the stains have been cleared.

Aside from the above cleaning equipment, there exists also the dry carpet cleaning equipment. It’s among one of the most time intensive technique to utilize it for carpet cleansing. That is for the reason that these kinds of equipment require lots of work and are as a result not advised by quite a few. The carpet wants for being vacuumed very first, adopted by pre-cleaning which has a stain remover and after that using the dry carpet cleaner. Soon after brushing the region using the dry carpet cleaner, you will have to hoover the area once more to remove the remaining grime. Compared to the other machines, additionally it is deemed comparatively expensive and never the perfect option for cleansing carpets. Regardless of the size within your carpet spot, it’s a subject of time that you simply have to put money into among those people carpet cleansing devices. Even though selecting which one particular to have, you must look at the functions of your house carpet too because the capabilities from the a variety of cleaning devices.

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Alquran Dengan Tajwid On Line

Alquran mengatakan:

“Dalam perkembangan langit dan bumi Anda, serta dalam pergantian waktu malam dan siang, Anda pasti dapat menemukan tanda-tanda bagi orang-orang yang mengerti”

Alquran memang melihat gurun, banyak di antaranya menggambarkan gurun tetapi juga melihat laut, bintang, kehidupan, dan gunung. Alquran adalah kata Allah yang terakhir ditemukan serta sumber standar ajaran Islam dan pedoman hukum. Alquran tawar-menawar dengan dasar akidah, moralitas, dan catatan kemanusiaan, ibadah, pengetahuan, pengetahuan, romansa Tuhan-manusia, dan kemitraan manusia dalam semua aspek. Pelatihan komprehensif yang sering dikembangkan program-program keadilan sosial, ekonomi, politik, hukum, yurisprudensi, hukum dan diplomasi, merupakan konten penting dalam Al-Qur’an. Hadis, ucapan dan langkah Nabi Muhammad (SAW), dengan cermat diklaim dan dikumpulkan oleh para sahabatnya yang setia. Menyatakan dan menguraikan ayat-ayat Alquran baca juga surah alam nasroh.

Sudut menarik yang ada dalam Alquran terus-menerus dipromosikan dengan bantuannya kepada pembaca. Alquran memberi tahu pembaca tentang poin-poin unik yang setelah itu menyajikan saran kepada mereka. Alquran jelas merupakan keajaiban dari Nubuat, Bahasa, Mode dan Wahyu Ilmiah. Alquran tidak akan hanya menjadi Mukjizat. Itu benar-benar Wonder Performer. Ini memunculkan keajaiban mengubah budaya yang sangat bodoh dan terbelakang menjadi penjaga informasi dan pembelajaran Anda.

Jika Anda perlu mengetahui lebih detail tentang ini atau itu atau ketika Anda mempertanyakan apa yang sebenarnya dijelaskan maka Anda harus benar-benar bertanya kepada orang-orang yang memiliki pengetahuan. Itu adalah perspektif yang menakjubkan. Sebenarnya tidak biasa untuk memiliki cadangan yang berasal dari seseorang tanpa pelatihan di bidang geografi, biologi dan banyak lainnya yang membahas masalah ini kemudian merekomendasikan pembaca untuk memeriksa dengan tuan-tuan informasi jika dia ragu-ragu sama sekali. Tapi di setiap zaman ada Muslim yang mengadopsi nasehat Quran Anda dan menghasilkan penemuan yang mengejutkan. Jika hanya satu yang tampaknya berhasil dilakukan oleh peneliti Muslim dari banyak generasi di masa lalu, saya akan melihat mereka penuh sesak dengan kutipan di dalam Alquran. Mereka menyelesaikan pekerjaan mereka menyatakan bahwa mereka telah menyelesaikan studi di situs tersebut, dengan mencari beberapa faktor.